Smile Collection

Smile! opens with the energetic red named FABYLICIOUS, as hot as the summer sun and as happy as a good memory, than unravels with FELICITÀ, a funny fuchsia that makes every skin ton glow. I’M A FIREWORK captures the flowy sheerness of the lightest evening dresses, laying with an inner iridescence that suggest layering ideas with all the hues that belongs to Smile! The shades of the linen clothes and the desert dunes under the midday sun are the essence of BABY SMILE, a unique color with a satin finish. THE COMEDIAN embodies the life that’s at the roots of the most vibrant spring buds. The tale is completed by BLUEBERRIES AND SODA, an invitation to party all night with the music and neon light, in the style of one of the most famous island in the Mediterranean!