Faby Character

Il carattere rappresenta la vera natura di noi stessi, ci identifica e ci rende speciali. La consapevolezza di questa essenza ha ispirato la nuova Collezione per il prossimo Autunno/Inverno Faby Character dove Passione, Forza e Bellezza si uniscono e si amalgamano creando sei tonalità dal carattere forte ed intenso.

Fearless is a dark muted grey, as intense as the darkness that blends into the shadows: it’s the perfect choice for a strong temperament and a fearless attitude. The most outgoing personalities will found their matching shades in Rebel, a vibrant garnet color, and in Impavida, a warm and appealing purple. Confident women will choose the intense red of I know what is best, because they always know what’s best for them. For a passionate and naughty spirit Faby created the hot paprika tone of As spicy as i can be, glam and funny at the same time. I deserve it, a sparkling gold full of light, represent all the strenght and power of the feminine universe.